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AWS IPv6 address to Existing EC2 and VPC Guide

Apple now forcing app developers to upload IOS builds with backend apis having support of IPv6 only. So sooner or later you have to add support of ipv6. 

Here is guide to setup ipv6 in AWS having ubuntu instance.

1. Go to VPC console and select existing vpc:
Actions > Edit CIDRs > in block "VPC IPv6 CIDRs" Associate auto IPv6 CIDR Block > Update
2. Go to VPC console > Subnets > Select subnets one by one and do following for all or yours selected one:
Actions > Edit IPV6 CIDRs > Associate auto IPv6 CIDR Block > Update
Actions > Modify Auto Assign IP Settings > Check both ipv4 and ipv6

3. Go to VPC Console > Route Tables :

AWS Lambda in VPC having access to AWS resources as well as internet with IGW , Internet Gateway , NAT and Route Tables

If Your lambda function didn't required to call third party services like firebase or payment gateways etc, you can configure it to use default aws vpc which don't have internet access.

But If you required to have internet access as well in VPC , you need to set up NAT (network address translation gateway) , IGW ( internet gateway) , Route Tables with their subnets as attachments.

Note : Some of these services are chargeable .

Here is step by step guide to setup lambda for second case.

We going to have total 3 Subnets. 2 Private subnet and 1 public subnet.

In Lambda Function > Configuration > VPC > Subnets  we going to have only two private subnets selected. public subnet won't be selected here. 

1) Lets say your default vpc has private ip address as or create new one.

2) Create Private Subnets :
    Go to AWS VPC > Subnets > Create two private subnets with CIDR as and